Alternatives To What Not To Say To A Breastfeeding Mother

breastfeeding mothers At First Sight Birth Photography Amber Jones

Here are ten suggestions for acceptable alternatives to what not to say to a breastfeeding mother. The alternatives to try show that you do have some understanding about how breastfeeding works.

In my last post, I listed ten unhelpful things to avoid saying to a breastfeeding mother. The alternatives are more supportive and do not undermine a mother who may be struggling to learn how to breastfeed her baby.

  1. Instead of: Is she feeding againTry: She knows what’s best for her, doesn’t she?
  2. Instead of: She’s using you as a dummy. Try: There’s no substitute for the real thing!
  3. Instead of: Let me give the baby a bottle so you can get some housework done. Try: Put your feet up and  snuggle that baby, while I cook you dinner.
  4. Instead of: You will wear yourself out, let daddy give her a bottle. Try: Men are great at just about every other aspect of parenting but they can’t feed the baby.
  5. Instead of: Don’t keep picking her up every time she cries. Try: It’s lovely to see how easily you can calm her down.
  6. Instead of: Don’t let her fall asleep at the breast—she’ll never learn to do it by herself. Try: Genuine knockout drops! 
  7. Instead of: I think she has a tongue-tie. Try: Is she having trouble latching? How can we find you some help with that?
  8. Instead of: Shouldn’t she get used to having a bottle? Try: Zipping it.
  9. Instead of: I’d prefer you not to breastfeed in public. Try: Let’s find a quiet corner where you won’t be disturbed.
  10. Instead of: Mothers in our family have never been able to make enough milk. Try: If only I’d persevered with breastfeeding.

Photo credit: Amber Jones At First Sight Birth Photography