Women and care work

Who Diagnoses Tongue-Ties that Interfere With Breastfeeding? suzieblake.com

The 2023 Lancet Series on Breastfeeding

Dr Julie Smith:

‘Speaking as a feminist economist, the power of this series is in linking biology, marketing and political economy to show the big picture about what makes breastfeeding difficult for women. Women are central to the nutrition, health and survival of infants and young children.’

‘Breastfeeding is a core human rights issue and important for women’s reproductive health. Yet our political, economic and health systems ignore, devalue, overburden and mistreat mothers, turning breastfeeding into a heroic sacrificial act. Dependence on commercial milk formula has large costs to the planet and to people.’

‘We call for governments to do better. This includes counting women’s unpaid work, budgeting for breastfeeding, and prioritizing respectful maternity care.’